Friday, November 19, 2010

New School Year

This August, Morgan started first grade. She has a great class and a great teacher who she loves! This group will be together through second grade so its a good thing she likes everyone. She is doing fantastic in school and is learning so many new things. Her reading is really taking off, but her favorite subject is math.
Zachary started Pre-Kindergarten this fall as well. We were a little apprehensive because we found out just before school started that he wouldn't have the teacher we thought he would. But as soon as Zachary saw the new teacher he said "Mom! I think her is a princess!" So he's fine with the change. :-) He is also learning a lot and making tons of friends.

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Beth said...

Hooray for blog updates! Both their costumes were awesome. It's funny but I used to want a store bought costume soooo bad, so don't feel bad if Party City is in your future. Hopefully they carry non slutty costumes for kids unlike the adult ones.