Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keeping busy!

What have we been doing lately? LOTS!
We went to Disneyland for Morgan's birthday.We spent 2 days there and had tons of fun!
Morgan got to go to "Jedi Training Academy" and learn some lightsaber skills.
We ate lots of junk food,
met some favorite characters,

and rode the rides!

We've also been busy buying a house! We've been house hunting since July and have been outbid 8-10 times already. But finally, last month, we had an offer accepted. We close escrow next week. Here is our house:

It has 3 bedrooms, one tiiiiiny bathroom (which will be remodeled before we move in),

a good sized, but outdated kitchen (which will be remodeled eventually),
and a nice big backyard.
The house is in a really nice neighborhood and we're pretty excited. We plan to spend most of March fixing the place up (bathroom, floors, painting) and move in at the end of the month.

This week the kids were on "February Break" so we decided to use the time to try out some new recipes. Here are our homemade granola bars:
They were really delicious and even though I made about 30 bars, they disappeared in 3 days!
Then we made some crackers. These taste just like Wheat Thins and were super easy to make.
Finally we tried to make bagels. This was a little bit harder - or "challenging", as Morgan would say. These are the three best-looking bagels from the batch we made and they are not pretty!
But the kids didn't mind. They still tasted good!

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Misty said...

Holy Cow! Morgan is six! Well, who am I kidding. Z and A are both about to be 4! Congrats on your new house. Have fun fixing it up. ;)