Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October update.

Taking a quick break to update. Managing 3 school schedules has been really crazy.
I just finished my first aid class and am halfway through Chemistry. And I really need to get cracking on my keyboarding class. Its hard to get motivated to take a completely useless TYPING class, but there is no way around the requirement. Next week, I'll register for Winter quarter where I'll be taking 3 more classes.

Morgan is still doing great in Kindergarten. She loves her teacher and is only a little disappointed that she doesn't have homework yet. :) I think she's finally adjusted to the long school day (8:30-2:30) and she's had far fewer afternoon meltdowns this month than last. We've already gone on 2 field trips and have 2 more scheduled next month. Morgan is making tons of new friends and really learning a lot too. She is excited for the upcoming Halloween carnival and wants to be in the school play (Willy Wonka) in the Spring. I work in her classroom every Monday and it is so much fun. I really didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do. The kids are all great and I love to watch their interactions during school. Kindergartners are soooo funny!

Zachary is adjusting well to preschool. He goes just two days a week and is (almost) always happy to go. His two best buddies, Kaden & Michael, are in his class so that helps. He's learning lots of new songs and games and brings home cute crafts every day. He teacher really focuses on teaching the kids to cut with scissors and Zach wants to practice all the time. Our living room is covered in tiny scraps of paper from all of Zach's cutting! I work in his class about twice a month too and it is a LOT harder than Kindergarten or even the 4-year-old class last year. Its only 2.5 hours but I come home exhausted and covered in glue and/or paint. Those kids have so much energy and so little attention span!

Our Saturdays are soccer days. Zach & Jon play in the morning and Morgan and the Soccer Superstars play in the afternoon. Under-6 Girls soccer is pretty hilarious. Morgan is having a lot of fun. Its a good thing that they don't keep score at this level, because she's probably be upset if she knew how many goals her team has scored for the other side. :) But they short games (5 minute quarters) of 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 so everyone gets a lot of playing time. There are 3 more games this season.

In our spare (ha ha) time we have been trying to buy a house. We've looked at tons of places, made offers on at least 8 (I've lost count) and come up empty. Just last night we got some potentially good news on our latest offer so keep your fingers crossed. Because I don't want to get my hopes up, I will list all of the bad things about the house: it is only 1000 sq ft, it has no central heat or air, it has only 1 bathroom, it has only a 1 car garage, it has a very small kitchen in need of updating and has no dishwasher. But that's what you get for a half-million dollars here. :)

Halloween in 3 days! Morgan is going to be a wicked witch (complete with green face) and Zachary will be a scarecrow. I promise to take lots of pictures and post them before Thanksgiving!

Morgan fell in love with this goat at the zoo. Now she wants a pet goat.

Zachary loves chocolate.

And playing dress-up.

So does Morgan.

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