Sunday, August 09, 2009

Like a fish!

IF we had a working camera right now, this post would be accompanied by a video of something which just a few months ago I was worried that I would never see. MORGAN SWIMMING!

At the beginning of last summer, Morgan would cling to the steps of the pool for dear life. She didn't even want to go out any further in our arms or with a floatation device! But around mid-July, she started wearing her arm "floaties" and by the end of the summer was even jumping into the pool with them. This was a huge development.

So I hoped that this summer she would be able to learn to swim on her own - maybe even take swimming lessons. But no. She refused to take off the floaties or even consider lessons. Which is fine. I know better than to push Mo into something before she's ready.

About a month ago, though, we were in the pool and Morgan was bobbing around like usual when she looked me in the eye and said very very seriously
"Mom. I have a feeling that I can swim without my floaties."
I started to ask her to wait until the weekend when Jon could come to the pool with us - I was worried about having both Zach and a non-buoyant Morgan in the pool at the same time. But something about Morgan's tone of voice made me think that this was a now-or-never opportunity. She might not "have a feeling" the next time we made it to the pool. I also remembered that she used the exact same phrase when she asked me to take her training wheels off her bike. And she was right about that, if you remember.

So off came the floaties and - guess what? Morgan started swimming! Just a few feet at a time, at first. And certainly not gracefully. But she was definitely getting from point A to point B under her own power and without drowning! She was so proud of herself!

And in typical Mo fashion she kept on practicing. Back and forth from the rail to the wall over and over and over again. Then she would swim along the wall - slowly going further and further. Then she started jumping in and swimming back to the wall. Now she is at the point where she can lift her head up to breathe and continue swimming. And she's trying to teach herself the backstroke!

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