Tuesday, July 14, 2009


M & Z got a bedroom upgrade this month. They were so excited when they got their new bunk beds. . Check it out:
Morgan, especially, loves her new sky-high digs. It really is her own private space because Zach is not allowed up the ladder and the proximity to the ceiling makes it very uncomfortable for Jon & I so we avoid being up there if we can.

Zach, too, is quite a way off the ground as you can see here. He's only fallen out once so far and that was feet first. We build a nice landing pad out of pillows for him at night just in case.

We also got a matching dresser and finally have more than enough space for all of the kids clothes.
And there is still room for toys and books!

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Beth said...

The bunk beds look great! How cute the kids looks in their big beds!