Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Zachary wants to be when he grows up.

No kidding. He wants to be a dancing tree. We took the kids to a womens' basketball game at Stanford last fall. Morgan, of course, wanted to be out on the court but Zach couldn't keep his eyes off the mascot. Its really not a bad goal - it means he'll go to Stanford after all. And its unique! I'll bet he'll be the only kid in the preschool yearbook who wants to be a dancing tree. He does have a back-up career, though. He also wants to be a "stop sign man" - school crossing guard - because he "gets to hold a stop sign on a stick like a lollipop!" What could be better?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


M & Z got a bedroom upgrade this month. They were so excited when they got their new bunk beds. . Check it out:
Morgan, especially, loves her new sky-high digs. It really is her own private space because Zach is not allowed up the ladder and the proximity to the ceiling makes it very uncomfortable for Jon & I so we avoid being up there if we can.

Zach, too, is quite a way off the ground as you can see here. He's only fallen out once so far and that was feet first. We build a nice landing pad out of pillows for him at night just in case.

We also got a matching dresser and finally have more than enough space for all of the kids clothes.
And there is still room for toys and books!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today, Zachary is three years old. I am sure that this next year will bring even more fun with our little guy. He is the funniest kid I have every met. He talks all the time and the most hilarious things come out of his mouth.

One day, his uncle Todd complimented Zach on his good climbing at the playground. Zach turns to him and says in his most serious voice "I'm just doin' my job".

Even though he generally has an amazing vocabulary, Zach has some very quirky speech patterns. For example, he confuses "something" with "nothing". So he will say things like "Help! Ouch! I have nothing in my shoe!" or "I am hungry! I want nothing to eat." Or I don't like this game, I want to do nothing else."

And just the other day, we woke up to a classic "Zach-ism". During the night I noticed he had a soaked diaper (he's dry over 50% of nights but I don't like to take chances) so I changed him but didn't bother to put on new pajama bottoms. In the morning when he realized his pants were gone he called out from his room "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! My pants is MAGIC! They disappeared! My pants is MAGIC!"

Gotta love this kid!