Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sorry for the light blogging recently. Things haven't been too exciting around here lately. And its hard to find computer time since Zachary rarely naps and if he even suspects that I want to turn on the computer he starts shrieking and demanding to watch a video of himself.

We did get some good news recently - Morgan & Zachary both will be attending our first-choice schools next year. Zachary will be in the Early Childhood (3-year-old) class at the same place Morgan is in Pre-K now. His good friend - the little brother of one of Morgan's classmates - will be in his class which hopefully will make the transition easier for him. Its hard to imagine little Zach going to preschool but I'm confident that he will (eventually) like it.

And Morgan will be going to one of the magnet schools in our local school district. Its a really neat parent-participation school and we think Morgan is really going to do well there. There are several families in our neighborhood who go there and her best friend also got in (enrollment is by lottery) so she is very excited. She says she wasts to skip the end of preschool and go straight to kindergarten.

With both kids in parent participation schools, Jon & I will be pretty busy come September!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

For Grandpa Airplanes

ETA: Although it appears otherwise in this video, I really do know my alphabet. Morgan was reciting a different abc book in my ear which was very distracting.