Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zachary, right now

Zachary's favorite toy is his doctor kit - which he calls his "doctor kids". He pokes and prods his patients with his instruments shouting "THAT HURT?" until he gets a postitive response. Then he turns all sympathetic and says "Awww, okay. All better now!"

Zachary likes to wake up around 5am. This has been going on for months. We tried everything to get him to sleep later. Dark room, warm jammies, cool jammies, later bedtime, earlier bedtime, earlier nap, later nap, shorter nap. No luck. We finally realized that this was not a sleeping problem, but an eating problem. Zachary doesn't like to eat dinner -at least not outside of a very narrow range of foods. He even rejects food - chicken, for example - that he will happily eat at other meals. So he's been waking up early in the morning because he his HUNGRY. (His exploding verbal ability helped us figure this out - instead of calling for "mommy" when he wakes up, he calls for "snacks, please, now, please".) As much as I hate making special meals for a picky eater, I hate waking up almost 2 hours before sunrise even more. So when we just can't take the early mornings and Zach turns up his nose at our exotic meal of BBQ chicken and oven fries, we go ahead and let him fill up on pasta, rice and fruit.

Zachary finally knows most of his colors! There was a time there where I was actually wondering if he was color blind. He never even got his colors right on accident! But now he's making progress. He's got yellow, orange, green, blue and red down and is working on purple, pink, brown and black.

Zachary loves animals. His favorites are elephants and giraffes. We took him to the aquarium last week and he really enjoyed the fish, but kept waiting to see the "on-a-phonts" and "t'raffs". He was a little disappointed.

Zachary misses Morgan so much when she is at school. He asks about 100 times "where Morgan at?", "what Morgan doin'?". And he runs to the classroom when we pick her up. He really wants to go to school too. "Yak, too? Yak go to school too? Yak go school now?" I'm hoping that I can use this to motivate him to potty train since he can't go to school in diapers. But so far he politely refuses. "Time to sit on the potty, Zachary?" No, thank you!"

Zachary likes to do things by himself - or "by the delf". He likes to read his own books, climb into his carseat on his own, brush his own teeth, etc. These things take a very long time. But there are other things he likes to do "together". These include jumping on the bed, climbing the monkey bars and sliding down the slides. This is how Jon & I get our exersize.

Zach as a pearl.
Square peg, round hole


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