Friday, September 05, 2008

Morgan's Big Day!

Today was Morgan's first day of preschool!

She is in the afternoon class and doesn't start until 11:45, but she was ready to go from the moment she got up at 7 this morning. She wore her backpack for 2 hours before it was even time to leave the house. She could hardly stand still and blamed it on the butterflies in her tummy. She was excited, to say the least.

While we were waiting outside her classroom she started to get a little nervous and cried a bit, but once she looked in the window and saw all of the FUN she felt better. I signed her in and helped her get her nametag and she never even looked back.

(Zachary cried when we left, though. "Me too! Me too! Me too, school!")

She had a great time. Her favorite subject is "snack" and she was only a little sad that it was too hot (near 100) to play on the playground. In typical Morgan fashion, she made lots of new friends and was so excited that "everyone had new shoes"!

Its going to be a long wait until Monday for Morgan.

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