Monday, August 04, 2008

Morgan Loves Soccer!

Morgan is taking her first "real" (as in not with mom & dad) soccer class this summer. Its through a great non-competitive program called "Kids Love Soccer". And Morgan does, indeed, Love Soccer. She's learning to pass, and dribble, and steal, and kick the ball where she wants it to go. So she's already a much better soccer player than I ever was! The classes are only 30 minutes long - 20 minutes practicing skills and 10 minutes playing a mini match. Of course, everyone's favorite part is playing the actual game and this weekend Morgan scored two goals! (Her coach told her that if she scored another he'd have to give her his job.) While her ball-handling skills are pretty average, the fact that she actually understands the rules gives her a huge advantage. Only about half the kids seem to get the parts about keeping the ball in bounds and kicking it towards your goal not the other side's goal. The ones who have mastered the rules are the ones who dominate the matches. KLS might not believe in keeping score, but Morgan does - and she was very proud of herself this weekend.

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