Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guess Who's Two!

If you ask Zachary how old he is today, he will very proudly tell you "five!". I guess he wants to be older than Morgan.

Zachary is two years old today.

This has been quite a year for Zach. He learned to talk and to sing, to walk and to dance, to play hide & seek and to torment his big sister, to fall asleep without nursing and to (sometimes) sleep through the night, to throw tantrums and to give hugs and kisses. Zachary is a busy boy.

Zachary is Mr. Personality. How we got two outgoing, social kids is a mystery. Zach may not know his colors yet, but he knows the name of every kid in the neighborhood. And he greets them all with full speed running hugs every time. He is so expressive. When he is excited about something he literally shakes with anticipation. He dances when he is happy and shrieks when he is angry. Zach gets sad when he sees someone cry. He is very compassionate, but he is not a pushover. His persistance will serve him well eventually, though right now it challenges our limit-setting. Zachary also has a great sense of humor. He loves putting funny things on his head and making up silly songs. You can't help but feel happy when you hear Zachary laugh.

Zachary loves to ride his bike, play with his dolls and his trucks, he would be entertained all day at a train station. He loves hide & seek, ring around the rosy, 5 little monkeys, baseball, and chasing. He stars in singing and dancing extravaganzas with Morgan. They love splasing together in the pool or bathtub. If he's only gained a few pounds this year, its because he never stops moving. Even when watching his beloved Blue's Clues, he jumps and dances along with the characters. Zachary is also a pretty brave kid - only afraid of farm animals, trucks in reverse, and golf carts.

Zachary at two years old is just amazing - and getting better all the time!

Happy Birthday, Z!

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