Friday, July 04, 2008

Another Adventure

Wednesday night , Morgan ate a piece of shrimp.

Within 5 minutes she was complaining of ear pain, then itchy eyes, then her face got bumpy and red and started swelling up. By the time we got her to Urgent Care her left eye was nearly swollen shut. But by the time we saw a doctor (maybe 20 minutes from when we walked in) the swelling was already going down. The doctor confirmed that it looked like a shellfish allergy. She got a dose of benadryl which helped the itching and redness although her eyes stayed somewhat swollen and were still a little puffy the next morning.

We were told to keep her on benadryl for at least 24 hrs or longer if she is still puffy and to follow up with her ped next week. We are also the proud new owners of an Epi-pen. And, obviously, we are to avoid shellfish. (Morgan will be quite pleased about this since she thought the shrimp was the most disgusting thing she'd ever tasted. )

She's all better now. But it sure was scary. We've never had any allergy issues before so this was all new too us. Luckily, her reaction wasn't too severe this time and hopefully we can keep her away from shellfish and avoid any future issues.

I don't want to have to see this again:

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Anonymous said...

Oh, poor baby! :( I hope she's feeling better soon! - Karen