Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flying Monkeys

If you ask Morgan what she did last Friday, she will tell you that she "played a drum and made the monkeys spin around". And she would be telling the truth! We went to see the exhibit Homouroboros which is part of the digital arts festival that was going on downtown.

Its kind of hard to explain, but it is a huge metal "tree" with monkey-like figures hanging from the "branches". All around the base of the tree are drums. Each one makes a different sound and when you start playing a rhythm on the drums the monkeys start spinning around. Once they get going, you can look through strobe-light goggles and it looks like a single monkey swinging through trees.

The kids thought it was so cool! They spent well over an hour playing the drums and watching the monkeys.

Here are some pictures and a video.

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