Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventures in Public Transportation

In an effort to save money and the earth we've been trying not to use the car as much. This means a lot more walking. But I've also worked up the nerve to try the public transportation system. Turns out, the light-rail is very easy to use (as long as you are going somewhere that the train goes), cheap (the kids ride free), and tons of fun for a couple of kids who love trains. There is a stop about a mile from our house, which is very convenient. We've taken the train a couple of times to the Children's Museum and once to the farmers' market. The only casualty so far has been a bag of peaches that Zachary jumped off his seat onto while riding home from the market.

Here are some pictures:

Waiting for the train. (Yes, Morgan has an "I Love Hooters" sticker. Zach wouldn't wear his.)

On board.

Taking the big train to San Francisco.

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