Sunday, May 25, 2008

Baby's First Stitches

Poor Zachary.
Saturday morning, he found a pair of scissors and tried to give himself a manicure. But instead he sliced through good chunk of fingertip. There was much blood. We wrapped up the finger as best we could and sped off to the urgent care center.

Zach got three stitches. He was most unhappy about it. And an angry Zach is a strong Zach. He kept kicking the doctor's instruments on the floor. I was restraining his body while the nurse kept his hand still, but he managed to wiggle quite a bit anyway. I think the nurse had to change her clothes when it was over she was so sweaty. The doctor said "I think I can skip the gym today." It was quite a workout.

But once he had a lollipop, Zach was happy again. Thankfully it doesn't seem to hurt him too badly as long as no one touches it. And we figured out we can change his bandages while he sleeps without resistance.

We get to go back to have the stitches out in about a week.

And we're locking all the scissors in a vault.

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