Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kids are healthy!

Morgan & Zach had their check-ups last week. They are both growing and developing perfectly. Morgan was such a pro for the doctor. She stood on the big-girl scale and let the doctor do the exam without any fussing. Go Morgan! Zach, on the other hand, screamed through the whole thing - even the parts where nothing was happening to him.

Morgan has gained over 4 lbs in the last year and she has grown 3.5 inches. She's in the 30th percentile for weight and in the 50th for height! We knew she was getting tall - none of her pants fit anymore!

Zachary only gained a little over 2lbs since August which is not surprising at all considering that he never stops moving! He's grown 3 inches though, putting him in the 65th percentile for height and the 15th for weight. Tall and skinny!

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