Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Adventure Continues

Morgan is the most social, outgoing child you will meet. Where most people see a playground full of kids, Morgan sees a playground full of friends. She can organize friends of all ages into games of bug collecting, mud pies or chase. She has a special knack for finding the shy friends and making sure they are having fun too. And Morgan is full of contradictions. But she won't attend a ballet or gymnastics class without Mommy or Daddy. Morgan keeps us guessing. Morgan’s favorite real animal is a ladybug and her favorite imaginary animal is a dragon and her favorite extinct animal is a “dinosaurus rex”. Her favorite color is pink and she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up. Or maybe a chef. Morgan can make Zachary laugh harder and cry harder than anyone else can. And she is his most loyal defender if anyone else tries to mess with him. Morgan loves to be read to. She loves books about science and space and nature and about a family of bears who live in a treehouse in Bear Country who are always learning important life lessons. Morgan has a fierce temper, a goofy sense of humor, a passion for argument, and boundless energy. Morgan loves to cuddle and run and climb and jump in puddles. This year Morgan wants to learn how to read, and ride her two-wheeler and jump rope.
Morgan is four years old today. The adventure continues.

Happy Birthday, Morgan!!!

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