Monday, September 17, 2007

Zach talks, we listen.

Zach has words now! And his favorite one is "No!". Its the word he uses the most consistantly in the proper context. Think we say that a lot around here? Ha ha. He also seems to just like the way it sounds as he frequently walks around the house singing "No! Noooo! Nooooooo! No! Nooooooo!" He also says "wa-wa" for water, "ball", "bike", "bye" and "Hi!"- which was also Morgan's first word. I guess we say that one a lot too! He also has a lot of half-words and semi-specific grunts. And he babbles all the time. It is rarely quiet around here!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bug Girl

Morgan: Mommy, can I h ave a 'tainer?
Me: Ummm, a tainer?
Morgan: Yeah! I need a 'tainer! With a lid!
Me: Ooooh. A CON-tainer.
Morgan: Right! A 'tainer. For my 'lection.
Me: Your lection?
Morgan: Yes, Mommy. I need a 'tainer for my 'lection!
Me: What is a lection, exactly?
Morgan: My BUG 'lection, Mom! I'm a bug 'lector and I need a 'tainer for all the bugs that I 'lect!

Of course. Morgan is now the best bug collector at the park. She and her friend Hannah hunt for snails, "roly-polies", and ladybugs every morning and then take them on adventures. They take their bugs out onto the soccer field, let them climb up trees, take them on the slides.. They even gave a roly-poly a ride on the swings! Then they put their bugs back where they found them so they can "be with their brothers and sisters". Such good little bug 'lectors!