Sunday, August 12, 2007


Look at this! I caught Zach trying to read the last page of Harry Potter! Naughty!

Seriously, Zach loves to read and be read to. This is quite a relief to me because I one of the things I feel most guilty about is not having read to Zach in his first year nearly as much as I read to Morgan. But, luckily, he has really started to love his books.

He can sign book. Well, is doesn't really look like the sign for book, but we know what he means. And when he wakes up in the morning - around 5 or 6 am these days - he likes to get right in my face and sign "book" while shouting "buh! buh!" That's a little too early for me.

Zach loves his bedtime stories too. I ususally read him 3 books. 3 times each. Then I have to hide the books and convince Zach that they are "all gone" before he will go to sleep. Recently, he figured out that I was hiding them under the chair. Gotta get a better hiding spot.