Monday, June 18, 2007


A few fun facts about Morgan:

  • Morgan loves theme parks. (But not roller coasters.) We live close enough to the local theme park that we can see some of the rides from our house, and Morgan gets so excited every single time. "Look Mommy! I can see the drop tower!" "Daddy! Mommy can see the drop tower too!" We have season passes to the park and Morgan loves going there to ride the kiddie rides and splash in the water slides.

  • We took Morgan to Baby Loves Disco again this weekend, and she turned into a ladybug!!!Morgan loves ladybugs and didn't want to wash her face that night.

  • Morgan can't see a camera without posing or making a silly face.

  • Morgan also loves kitties. But she still pronounces "k"s as "t"s. So when she loudly announces "I love kitties!" it can be rather embarrassing. Read some of the other things she's said replacing the "k"s with "t"s:

I went on vacation and played with grandma's kitty!

Aunt Tess has 2 kitties - one is big and one is small.

Aunt Beth only has 1 kitty. It is black and furry.

When I grow up I want to have 10 kitties!

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