Tuesday, June 12, 2007

11 Months

28 days and Zach will be 1 year old! He's growing up so fast. This month has been one of Zach's most exciting yet!

  • Zach learned to crawl! He still does the funky one-legged crawl, but it gets him where he needs to go. Which is EVERYWHERE!

  • Zach got to visit the mountains for the first time and took a train ride through the redwoods.

  • This month Zach upheld a proud family tradition by winning an honorable mention in the Cotton Babies photo contest! And in keeping with tradition - he was totally robbed!! :-)

  • For the Memorial Day holiday we took another road trip to San Diego and found out that Zach still hates riding in the car. Very, very much.

  • But we had a GREAT time in SoCal visiting with family and exploring Mission Bay, Balboa Park, Old Town and Point Loma.

  • Zach has learned several new words in sign language. He can sign more, milk, sleep, airplane and ball. His preferred method of communication, however, is the eardrum-shattering shriek.

  • Zach still hates water. I hope he gets over this soon as I want to go in the pool!

  • Zach now enjoys reading! His favorite books are interactive ones like "lift-the-flap" or "touch-and-feel" styles. He also enjoys books with photos of babies.

  • He also likes "Pat-a-Cake" and other hand games. He plays along, which is very cute!

  • Zach's 8th tooth finally popped through. Next up - molars. Poor baby.

  • Zach loves playing with his puzzles. Check out the video!

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