Friday, May 11, 2007


Zach took a 2 hour nap yesterday. In a bed! I can count on one hand the number times he's done that in the past 8 months. And, better still, Morgan was having her rest at the same time! So what kinds of important things did I do with all my free time? I looked up classic Sesame Street clips on YouTube, of course!

Ladybug Picnic - Morgan's favorite song.
Hace Calor - I don't think this one is quite as old, but what a great song!
Me & My Llama - Goin' to the dentist today-ay-ay-ay....
Teeny Little Super Guy - Genius!
Waiter Grover - Its a shame that Sesame Street isn't funny like this anymore.
Everybody Sleeps
Singing Fruit - Sesame Street taught me Spanish
Whenever I See Your Grouchy Face
I'm An Aardvark - and I'm proud!
We All Sing With The Same Voice - This was my favorite song in kindergarten! I could still sing along.
Which came first?
A loaf of bread...

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