Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ten Months.

I'm a little late on this one! This was a very busy month for Zachary!
  • We had lots of visitors! Zach got to spend time with Grandma Airplanes, Aunt T-Dawg, Grandpa Cars and Grandma K this month. (Grandpa Airplanes & Aunt B-Dawg were here last month.)

  • The weather has been beautiful so Zach has been spending lots of time outdoors. He still loves to eat sand, so the park is a bit hazardous. But he is good on the grass. He picks the grass, but doesn't usually eat it.

  • Zach has made a bunch of new baby friends recently. We found a couple of really good groups with lots of babies and big kids!

  • Zach is just starting to show a little bit of separation anxiety. He doesn't like to be put down and is a little wary when being held by someone other than Mommy or Daddy. But its still not too bad. Nothing compared to what we went through with Morgan.

  • Zach is doing a little better in the car. He doesn't cry every single time now. If he's fed, dry and rested, he is relatively happy in the car.

  • In exchange for some pleasant car rides, Zach has decided that he doesn't like to take baths anymore.

  • Zach is now the proud owner of 7 razor-sharp baby teeth. And he knows how to use them. Ouch!

  • Zach is a very curious little guy. Thats a nice way of saying he is into everything! His goals in life right now include taking off Daddy's glasses and removing all of the contents of his dresser drawers.

  • Which makes me think that we are pretty lucky that Zach is still not quite crawling. He manages to get himself around when he needs to through a combination of scooting along on his bottom and sliding on one knee while pushing off with the other foot. But he doesn't go very fast or very far and for that we are grateful.

  • We are starting to think that he just may be more interested in walking than crawling. This month Zach perfected the art of pulling himself up and he has also started letting go and balancing on his own for a few seconds, cruising the furniture a step or two at a time, and "walking" a few paces while holding onto our hands. He is also trying hard to stand up without holding onto anything, but he can only get himself a little past 90 degrees before his big head pulls him down.

  • Zach has learned to wave and blow kisses. He also likes to give real kisses. Big, wet, slobbery baby kisses.

  • Zach's new favorite game is ball. He gets soooooo excited when he "throws" the ball. He gives his happy shriek and pumps his arms in the air. Its very cute.

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