Friday, April 27, 2007

Some words of wisdom from Morgan

"Always wear sunscreen so you don't get a sunbird."

potties have flushing handles. Some flush all by themselves. Those
AUTO-MAGIC potties are scary!"

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nine Months

And already driving!
Zachary is three-quarters of a year old. He's officially been out in the world longer than he was in the womb. I hope he likes it better out here. We had another fun-filled month as Zach rapidly approaches the 1-year mark.

Zach weighs about 20 lbs now. He'll go in for his well-baby checkup next week, but I put him on the scale when we took Morgan to the doctor a while back. 20 lbs 4oz with his clothes on.

  • We finally got Zach a new carseat this month. His screaming in the car was just unbearable. We couldn't go more than 5 miles without him getting all worked up. He seems to like the new seat better. We haven't yet tried a long journey, but he's already fallen asleep in it a few times which he never did in the old seat.

  • Zach continues to be a big eater. He eats all kinds of fruits, vegetables and bread. And he'll do just about anything for a Cheerio.

  • Zach's still working hard on learning to crawl. He's really good at scooting on his bottom. He can turn himself around 360 degrees and can kick his legs and rock back and forth to move a few inches in any direction. But as soon as he tried to get his knees under him...SPLAT! He ends up on his tummy. And he does not like to be on his tummy!

  • He loves to stand up, though. Put him in his crib and he'll be standing in about 3 seconds.

  • Zach went to his first baby storytime at the library this week. I am sad that they don't allow older siblings in the baby programs so I can only take him when I have someone to watch Morgan. Zach loved it! He shrieked with joy (and he's very loud) during the songs and fingerplays. And he attracted the attention of all the little girl babies. At one point Zach was sitting there surrounded by 4 or 5 little girls who had crawled over to see him.

  • After lots of practice, Zach has perfected the art of clapping. Soooo cute! Anytime we say "good job!" he starts to clap. He's starting to wave bye-bye too but mostly only does that in front of the mirror. Here's a little video.

Happy Belated Birthdays!

I have become the worst birthday-rememberer ever!

Happy Birthday Aunt Karen!

Happy Birthday T-Dawg!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Soccer Star

Morgan & Daddy just finished their first soccer season. Mrgan seemed to really enjoy it and was pretty good at it too! Maybe she has some athletic ability. Didn't get it from me!
Take a look: