Monday, March 12, 2007

Eight Months

2/3 of a year!
New this month:
  • Zach still only scoots backwards, but has figured out a way to kick his legs while sitting that allows him to slide around on his bottom.
  • Zach can now pull himself up to standing for a few seconds.
  • He is also "super stretch baby" and can find a way to reach anything that you think you've placed just out of his reach.
  • Zach has added peas, carrots, squash, bread and watermelon to his diet.
  • He can sign "milk" and "more"!
  • Zach has 4 teeth now! Two on top and two on bottom. And he likes to grind them together which makes the worst nails-on-a-blackboard sound ever!
  • Zach has grown a lot this month - he wears all 9-12month sized clothes now.
  • Zach loves to play peek-a-boo!

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