Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Seven Months

Guess who is seven months old now! Zach just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Lets see what he's been up to:

  • Zach had his worst cold ever this month. Snot everywhere, a horrible cough, couldn't sleep or eat very well. It was yucky. Then he gave it to Jon & Morgan. Luckily, everyone is back to normal now.
  • Zach has a new favorite favorite person. Move over Morgan, make room for....DADDY! When Daddy comes into the room, everything stops - Zach can't focus on anything else. Jon actually has to be out of sight - and earshot - when I am trying to feed Zach or he gets too distracted to eat! And the first thing Zach does when he wakes up in the morning is try to climb over me to get to daddy. Then he giggles and squeals until Jon wakes up. Unfortunately, Zach likes to wake up around 5:30am.

  • Zach also loves his toys more and more. I can put him in is crib surrounded by toys and he will play for 10 or more minutes. This is so different than Morgan. She had very little interest in toy her first year. Zach even likes stuffed animals!

  • Zach is still loving his solid food. In addition to avocados, bananas & cereal, Zach has eaten carrots, prunes, apples and baby biscuits. Yummy!

  • Zach can almost clap. He misses actually connecting his hands 75% of the time, but he makes a valiant effort.

  • He also makes quite a good effort to crawl. He pushes up on his hands, pulls his legs under him, shakes his booty a few times, and scoots...backwards. He gets rather frustrated that his toys keep getting further and further away. And he's ended up under the bed or couch more than once.

  • Zach also wants desperately to stand up. He can pull up to about his knees, but gravity always gets the better of him.

Looking forward to next month!

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