Sunday, February 18, 2007

Baby's First Nightclub

The hottest place to be for the under-6 crowd on Saturday afternoon was Ruby Skye in San Francisco. Morgan & Zach got to boogie down at Baby Loves Disco - the best dance party in town! Morgan showed her great moves on the dance floor and wouldn't let anyone be a wallflower. If someone wasn't dancing, she would take their hand and say "Dance with me!" She also made sure that everyone had an egg shaker, some snacks and got a turn with the balloon. I had several parents tell me how kind and friendly Morgan was - especially with younger kids. I guess we should go clubbing more often since it seems to bring out the best in Morgan! Zach was in his element too. He fell asleep for over an hour. We might try blaring music and flashing lights in his room at night to see if that helps.
Here are some pictures:

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