Wednesday, January 24, 2007


As you can see from the picture, Zach has started eating solid foods - and he is quite pleased about it. Much to Zach's disappointment, we managed to hold off on the solids until the reccomended age of 6 months (***Zachary disputes the experts below) and now he looks forward to a breakfast of avocados, bananas or rice cereal every morning. I think we'll try some carrots next. Messy fun!
Here is a video of Zach's first few meals.

***A message from Zachary
Hi! Zach here! I just want to know who these clowns think they are telling Mommy and Daddy not to give me grown-up food until 6 months. I'm no doctor, but I do consider myself something of a baby expert. After all, I am a baby and have been one all my life. How many pediatricians can say that? Thats right. None! Ha! Anyway, in my expert opinion, I was ready for big-people food over a month ago when I grabbed a handful of bacon off of Mommy's plate and shoved it in my mouth. Dee-licious! Ever since then, I've been trying to tell Mommy & Daddy that I wanted to eat like them. I tried screaming at the top of my lungs during meals. I tried lunging and grabbing for the foods they were eating. I tried pulling plates and cups off the table. Nothing worked. But now they finally think I am old enough to start eating. I get to eat yummy avocados and banana and cereal. I'm just hoping that I get to eat more bacon soon!

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