Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Morgan & Zachary both went to the doctor Monday for their check-ups. Both are perfectly healthy as usual. Morgan did really well this time. She didn't want to stand on the scale and didn't want to open her mouth for the doctor (which doesn't bode well for an upcoming denist visit) but otherwise was great. She answered all of the doctor's questions and even asked some of her own such as "what kind of band-aids do you have?" and "can I have another sticker because Zach ripped mine?". And when it was time for her shot, she just rolled up her sleeve and stuck her arm out. She was really eager to get that Snoopy band-aid!
Here are the kids' latest stats:

Weight: 28lbs 15oz - 30th percentile and up 4.5lbs from last year
Height: 36.5in - 35th percentile and up 3.5in from last yeat

Weight: 17lbs 11oz - 50th percentile, 1.5lbs more than at his last checkup
Height: 26.75in - 60th percentile, 3/4in longer than last time
Head: 45cm - boy has a big head

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