Wednesday, January 24, 2007


As you can see from the picture, Zach has started eating solid foods - and he is quite pleased about it. Much to Zach's disappointment, we managed to hold off on the solids until the reccomended age of 6 months (***Zachary disputes the experts below) and now he looks forward to a breakfast of avocados, bananas or rice cereal every morning. I think we'll try some carrots next. Messy fun!
Here is a video of Zach's first few meals.

***A message from Zachary
Hi! Zach here! I just want to know who these clowns think they are telling Mommy and Daddy not to give me grown-up food until 6 months. I'm no doctor, but I do consider myself something of a baby expert. After all, I am a baby and have been one all my life. How many pediatricians can say that? Thats right. None! Ha! Anyway, in my expert opinion, I was ready for big-people food over a month ago when I grabbed a handful of bacon off of Mommy's plate and shoved it in my mouth. Dee-licious! Ever since then, I've been trying to tell Mommy & Daddy that I wanted to eat like them. I tried screaming at the top of my lungs during meals. I tried lunging and grabbing for the foods they were eating. I tried pulling plates and cups off the table. Nothing worked. But now they finally think I am old enough to start eating. I get to eat yummy avocados and banana and cereal. I'm just hoping that I get to eat more bacon soon!


Morgan & Zachary both went to the doctor Monday for their check-ups. Both are perfectly healthy as usual. Morgan did really well this time. She didn't want to stand on the scale and didn't want to open her mouth for the doctor (which doesn't bode well for an upcoming denist visit) but otherwise was great. She answered all of the doctor's questions and even asked some of her own such as "what kind of band-aids do you have?" and "can I have another sticker because Zach ripped mine?". And when it was time for her shot, she just rolled up her sleeve and stuck her arm out. She was really eager to get that Snoopy band-aid!
Here are the kids' latest stats:

Weight: 28lbs 15oz - 30th percentile and up 4.5lbs from last year
Height: 36.5in - 35th percentile and up 3.5in from last yeat

Weight: 17lbs 11oz - 50th percentile, 1.5lbs more than at his last checkup
Height: 26.75in - 60th percentile, 3/4in longer than last time
Head: 45cm - boy has a big head

Friday, January 19, 2007

Six Months

Half a year already!
This month in Zachary:
  • Zach was a party animal celebrating his first Christmas and his sister's third birthday!

  • Zach took his last road-trip for a long while. He was inconsolable for 5 hours of the 9 hour drive home from San Diego on New Years' Day.

  • Zach got to meet his Aunt Karen, Aunt Susie & Uncle Jeff for the first time.

  • Zach's bald spot has almost filled in. His hair is also getting thicker and lighter.

  • Zach "talks" all the time. He says "ba-ba-ba", "ma-ma-ma", "day-day-day", "ra-ra-ra, and many other syllables.

  • Zach has also learned to scream. I wonder who taught him that?

  • And speaking of Morgan, she is Zach's favorite person in the world. She can make him laugh and laugh.

  • Zach loves to suck on his toes. Its been so cold this month that he rarely sees them, but the second the socks come off, the toes are in the mouth.

  • Zach is a really big fan of cups. You'd better be careful if you try to drink anything while holding him because he will try to grab it. (Earning him the nickname Mr. Grabby-Hands.) Zach got his own sippy cup for Christmas. He has so much fun playing with it. He's even managed to get a few sips of water out of it.

  • Zach's favorite game is "How big is Zachary?" Answer: Soooooooo big.

And here's one for old times' sake.

Happy Belated Birthdays

In all of the excitement, I forgot to mention a few important birthdays!

Happy Birthday Great-Grandma!!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Todd!

And Happy Birthday, Shannon!
I still can't believe the girls are three. In my mind I still see this:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Big Day

Three years ago, Morgan was born - 6:07am on January 10, 2004.
And all of a sudden, she's three.
How did that happen?
Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Sorry for the lack of recent posts. We had a great Christmas and a fun trip to southern California but we've all been sick ever since. We're trying hard to get everyone healthy for Morgan's birthday on Wednesday.