Sunday, December 10, 2006

Conversations with Morgan

Mom: Morgan, eat your turkey. It wants to go to the party in your tummy with its friend Mashed Potatoes.

Morgan: Have fun at the party, Turkey.

Mom: Eat your aspargus. It wants to go to the party too. Listen

Asparagus: Morgan, pleeese let me go to the party. All of my friends are there.

Morgan: reacing out to touch Asparagus, in a sad voice; But I don't like you.

Before a nap
Morgan: Read me another story.

Mom: I'll tell you a joke instead. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Morgan: Why?

Mom: To get to the other side!

Morgan: Where?

Mom: Of the road.

Morgan, looking out the window: I can't see it.

Mom: Its not really there. Its just a joke.

Morgan: Oh. Is it a big chicken?

Mom: Maybe. Its more of a hypothetical chicken.

Morgan: Why chicken cross the road?

Mom: To get to the other side!

Morgan: I wanna see the chicken!

Mom: There is no chicken. It was just a joke. Sorry.

Morgan: I need a chicken now!

Mom: I guess my joke wasn't very funny.

Morgan: No. When can I see the chicken?

This morning
Morgan: Daddy, play with me!

Dad: What do you want to play?

Morgan: Play purses with me.

Dad: Ummm, can we play something else? I don't feel like playing purses.

Morgan: Okay, lets play ball. Come in my room.

Dad: Okay. Why are you shutting the door?

Morgan: Door needs be shut.

Dad: Okay, where's the ball.

Morgan: Now we play purses!

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