Thursday, December 14, 2006


Conventional wisdom says that Morgan & Zach look nothing alike. But I think I'm starting to see a little similarity. Maybe in the smile?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Five Months

Yet another great month for Zachary. Here are some highlights.

  • Zach now weighs over 16 lbs. That makes him (a) in the 60% percentile for his age, (b) about the same size Morgan was at 9 months, and (c) on pace to outgrow his infant car seat by Valentines Day.

  • He can nearly sit up without support. He balances for about 30 seconds (or long enough to snap 9 pictures) before toppling backwards or collapsing forward on himself. See pictures below.

  • Zach is now able to get revenge on Morgan for 5 months of abuse. He pulls hair. Hard.

  • He's decided that predictable sleep patterns are for suckers - and Zach's no sucker!

  • Zach had his first Thanksgiving this month and decided that Thanksgiving is kind of lame when you don't eat solid food.

  • Zach went on his 3rd plane trip this month. He's quite the jetsetter.

  • Zach got to go to Aunt Beth & Uncle Todd's wedding. He even got to go with all the bridesmaids to get manicures & pedicures and stayed in a hotel with us the night before the wedding.

  • We thought Zach got his first tooth this month. It disappeared about a week after it appeared so I guess it wasn't a tooth after all.

  • Zach loves toys now. And not just to chew on. He actually plays with them the way they were intended to be played with. He shakes shakey toys, pulls on pully toys, scrunches scrunchy toys, squeezes squeezy toys, etc. Its very cute.

Next up is month 6 - with Zach's first christmas and a road trip to San Diego. Should be fun!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Conversations with Morgan

Mom: Morgan, eat your turkey. It wants to go to the party in your tummy with its friend Mashed Potatoes.

Morgan: Have fun at the party, Turkey.

Mom: Eat your aspargus. It wants to go to the party too. Listen

Asparagus: Morgan, pleeese let me go to the party. All of my friends are there.

Morgan: reacing out to touch Asparagus, in a sad voice; But I don't like you.

Before a nap
Morgan: Read me another story.

Mom: I'll tell you a joke instead. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Morgan: Why?

Mom: To get to the other side!

Morgan: Where?

Mom: Of the road.

Morgan, looking out the window: I can't see it.

Mom: Its not really there. Its just a joke.

Morgan: Oh. Is it a big chicken?

Mom: Maybe. Its more of a hypothetical chicken.

Morgan: Why chicken cross the road?

Mom: To get to the other side!

Morgan: I wanna see the chicken!

Mom: There is no chicken. It was just a joke. Sorry.

Morgan: I need a chicken now!

Mom: I guess my joke wasn't very funny.

Morgan: No. When can I see the chicken?

This morning
Morgan: Daddy, play with me!

Dad: What do you want to play?

Morgan: Play purses with me.

Dad: Ummm, can we play something else? I don't feel like playing purses.

Morgan: Okay, lets play ball. Come in my room.

Dad: Okay. Why are you shutting the door?

Morgan: Door needs be shut.

Dad: Okay, where's the ball.

Morgan: Now we play purses!