Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flower Girl

When my sister Beth and I were little (about 4 and 7) we were invited to serve as flowergirls in a family friend's wedding. Beth chickened out at the last minute leaving me to walk down the aisle all alone. I was so mad! Especially since they still let her be in the pictures. Even at such a young age, that offended my sense of journalistic integrity! I've always maintained that it was Beth's fault the marriage didn't last. (She says that it was me who was bad luck and I should have backed out too.) So, when Beth asked Morgan to be a flowergirl in her wedding we thought: payback time. Much to my surprise, Morgan did end up participating in the wedding - in her own unique style, of course.

The adventure started Friday afternoon at the rehearsal. Morgan was very excited to meet her 8-year-old cousin (my cousin, actually) and co-flowergirl, Abby. And she was thrilled at we let her wear her white flowergirl shoes to practice in. But when we walked into the church Morgan looked to the left, then the right, then let out a blood-curldling shriek. I can't say I completely blame her. The church is kind of scary with the stained glass, heavy pews and shiny gold...structure up in front. I thought that might have been the end of it right there, but after some holy water (holy water makes you brave) and a chat with her new best friend Abby, we got her back inside the church and she made it through the rehearsal. Then Morgan got a balloon duck at the rehearsal dinner so she was feeling good.

Maybe she'll do it, everyone said. She seems ready. But I was still skeptical. It just so happens that two of Morgan's current phobias are photography and live music.

Morgan's participation in the wedding was in doubt up until the moment she was to walk down the aisle. She was fussy and uncooperative all morning. She cried when we tried to put her dress on and cried when we told her she didn't have to. She would only let Abby brush her hair (thank goodness for Abby) and no one could wipe the breakfast off her face. To make matters worse, her flower basket turned out to be really heavy! Abby solved that problem by agreeing to help Morgan carry the basket and so we wrangled Morgan into her dress and headed outside for some pictures.

To be continued...

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