Saturday, November 25, 2006

Flower Girl - Part 2

The photographer didn't believe us when we told him that Morgan was afraid of having her picture taken. But after she let loose another one of her screams, he understood. Morgan is represented in the pictures here by her basket (or bakset, as she says).

By the time the wedding started Morgan had calmed down and cheered up. She considered walking down the aisle with Grandma & Grandpa, but Abby convinced her to wait. Abby can get Morgan to do just about anything. I wish we could have brought Abby home with us!

So Morgan walked down the aisle with me and Abby holding her hands. She only stopped two or three times to cover her face because, of course, there was a photographer taking pictures. And she was really pretty well behaved during the ceremony. She only had to take one potty break. And she covered her ears everytime the music started. And she did call out "HI MADELYNNE & MEGAN!!!" when she spotted two more of her cousins in the crowd. It was pretty cute - and only a little disruptive!

After the wedding it was time for more pictures. We weren't even going to try to make Morgan be in them, but then Jon got the great idea to use reverse psychology. "Don't smile" he told her. "Don't be in the pictures." And she would run right up to the front and pose for a split second before squealing and running back. I'm sure the photographer never thought he'd be shooting so much action at a wedding. Our camera wasn't quick enough to capture Morgan with the rest of the wedding party, but these pictures give some idea of how much fun she was having at this point.

Finally, some scenes from the reception. Morgan with her "champagne". Dancing with Daddy. And a really bad family photo.

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