Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Three things I have learned

1. Putting my cell phone on vibrate so it "doesn't wake up the baby", doesn't work if I leave the phone under the baby.

2. Morgan eats too much fast food.
She saw an alarm symbol much like the one pictured here in our hotel's elevator and exclaimed, "There's a Taco Bell in our elevator!"

3. Astronomy lessons should be done in private...
Until your child can distinguish between the words "Venus" and "penis". Morgan is an aspiring astronaut right now so we took a "spacewalk" in her "spacestroller" with "astrozach" and "spacemommy" to look for "planets". We'll skip the 2nd planet from now on.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Three Months

This was Zach's busiest month yet! And he's growing up so fast,
This month, Zachary:
  • Mastered the art of holding his head up.
  • Went to his first baseball game.
  • Took his first trolley ride.
  • Visited SeaWorld.
  • Met his Great-Grandparents
  • Took his first roadtrip.
  • Giggled. (You really have to work to get one out of him, though.)
  • Rolled over front to back.
  • Started "playing" with his toys by batting at them with his hands.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On our way to San Jose!

Sorry for the long posting delay. We've been really busy! We were gone most of last week in San Jose looking for our new home! Jon got a new job in Silicon Valley so we will be moving to San Jose this month. We cant wait to have our own place again after living out of suitcases for 6 weeks! And Morgan is really excited to go to "the Jose" because our aparment complex has a pool, a pond with ducks, and a playground! And it will be nice to be a little bit closer to our family in southern California. It is only a 7 hour drive for normal people. Of course, it took us almost 11 hours to get home last Thursday. Unfortunately, Zach is just not a happy car baby and we had to stop about a million times for him. I even broke down and gave him a pacifier. It entertained him for a little while, at least. Thank goodness we're flying up on Sunday!