Monday, September 25, 2006

Baseball History

Morgan, Zachary, Aunt Bethie, Mommy & Daddy got to see Trevor Hoffman set a new all-time saves record today! This was very special because when you root for the Padres, things like this don't happen very often. We sat in the upper deck, row 24 (of 27) and it was extremely cold and windy - so cold that we actually went to the souvenier shop and bought Morgan a blanket. Even then, we spent most of the game walking around parts of the stadium where it was a perfect 78 degree San Diego day. But we were back in our seats for the 9th inning and got to see Hoffman make baseball history (without even loading the bases first - a nice surprise!) . The clebration was a bit loud for Morgan & Zach, but Morgan stayed focused on her Brian-Giles-in-a-Box that was the give-away at the stadium today. I had no idea how exhausting it was to go to a ballgame with 2 kids in tow. Jon & I as just beat! I think everyone is asleep now, so I am going to bed.

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