Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When Morgan was a newborn, there were certain sounds that we could always count on wake her from the deepest sleeps. Sometimes it seemed that she could sleep through world war 3, but open a bag of chips 2 rooms away and she would instantly be wide awake. (Maybe this was forshadowing her snacking habits?) Zach has his sounds too. Don't think you can get away with reading a magazine while trying to feed or rock the baby to sleep. With every page turn he cranks his weak little neck around to see what the hottest celebrities are up to this week.
The other sound that gets Zach all excited is, unfortunately, Morgan's voice. Every morning she'l come running into our room jabbering about something. "Shhh", we'll say. "The baby's sleeping." "I wanna talk loud-ee [loudly],please?" she whispers. "No, talk softly." I WANNA TALK LOOOOOOUUUUUUD-EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Baby awake.
But, really, even her indoor voice keeps Zach up. It sets up a vicious cycle every nap and bedtime. Morgan has to sing herself to sleep and insists on leaving her bedroom door open. Zach can't settle down when he hears Morgan singing so he cries. Then Morgan can't sleep because "baby bein' too loud and angry". And on and on.

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