Saturday, August 12, 2006

One Month

Its hard to believe that little Zachary is already one month old! It has gone by so fast! This month, Zach has:

  • Learned to nurse with some proficiency. He does, however, like to sabotage my attempts to be discreet by randomly and without warning throwing his head back and exposing me to the world.
  • Gained almost 3 pounds and over 2 inches and has almost outgrown some of his 0-3 month size clothes. Want to place bets on how soon he will pass little Morgan?
  • Proven himself too powerful for generic diapers. Luckily, Luvs (the cheapest name brand) seem to be holding.
  • Figured out that he should sleep at night and stay awake during the day.

Yeah, one-month-olds aren't very interesting. Next month should be a busy one. Little guy will go on his first plane ride and meet lots of new relatives.

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