Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Zachary's Birth Story - Part 1

Early Labor

I started having contractions Tuesday morning around 10 - just after Morgan & I took a walk to the park in the ridiculous heat and humidity. You know its hot when Morgan wanders around the park for about 45 seconds and then asks to get back in her stroller. We decided to go home and then hit the mall playground and then take a better walk in the air conditioning. I was determined to walk the baby out soon!

By the time we got to the mall, I felt like I probably didn't need that walk after all. Contractions were coming stronger and more frequently than anytime previously though there was still no regular pattern. Morgan played and then we went home for lunch and Morgan's nap.
While she was sleeping, I started timing the contractions - they were anywhere from 6 to 16 minutes apart! I called Jon at work just to give him the heads up. Then I packed a bag for the hospital and called my sister to tell her not to miss her flight. She was due in at 5:45 that afternoon and I had a feeling that she would be here just in time!

Morgan and I went to pick Tess up from the airport while Jon made his famous tacos for dinner. By this time my contractions were coming consistantly every 7-8 minutes. I really started to think this was for real. We had dinner, got Morgan in bed and I took a shower. By now it was 9 o'clock, and contractions were very strong and about 4-5 minutes apart so we decided to head down to the hospital.

Coming soon...Part Two: At the Hospital

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