Monday, July 31, 2006

Big Sister

Everyone always want to know how Morgan is adjusting to her new little brother. It really hasn't been that bad, but its definitely effected her in a number of areas.

Sleep - Morgan has always slept best when she gets to bed (for nap or nighttime) right on time. We haven't been able to be as punctual since we have to get Zach situated before we can start Morgan's (extensive) bedtime rituals. So she's been fighting naps and waking up a couple of times overnight.

Tantrums - Whether its the introduction of baby brother, the lack of sleep or just being 2-and-a-half, Morgan has kicked her temper-tantrums up a notch. She screams, shrieks, yells, kicks, hits - the works.

Potty - Thankfully, Morgan has not regressed in her potty training at all. In fact we're even "weaning" her from the potty chair and its going well. She still, however, requires someone (usually Mommy) to go with her to the bathroom. And she needs this done every single time I sit down to feed the baby.

Hit Baby! - Morgan has made good only a couple of times on her promise to hit the baby. No damage was done - Zachary didn't even react - and time outs were served and apologies issued. Actually, of Morgan's agression is taken out on Jon & I rather than the baby. She occasionally hits or pushes us away from the baby when she wants the attention. "Put the baby down!" or "Don't feed the baby!" or "Hold me with this hand!" (the one that his holding the baby, of course) are commonly heard phrases around here.

Love Baby! - But we also hear "I love you, Baby Zach." and "He's sooo tiiiiiny!" and "Baby Brother wants to sit next to me!". Morgan can make Zachary stop crying by singing to him and she loves to help during diaper changes. And she likes to play the silly faces game where we stick out our tongues or make other funny faces and see if he will imitate them.

Overall, Morgan is a very proud big sister - and quite loving and helpful. We hope that lasts!

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