Sunday, June 04, 2006


Sorry for the looooooong blogging absence. Its been an exhausting couple of weeks. Morgan has taken 5 naps in the last 13 days. Thats not cool. And on the days when she doesn't nap, she is a huge uncooperative, angry, whiny, demanding monster. When she does nap she's just a little uncooperative, angry, whiny, demanding monster! Yes, the terrible twos are in full swing over here.
We have managed to have some fun, though. The weather had been great (if a bit warm for me) so we've made multiple trips to the park, hung out at the beach, fed ducks at the lake, and visited the Strawberry Festival. Its hard to believe this was Morgan's 3rd Strawberry Festival. There aren't many annual events that she's experienced 3 times yet!

The next couple of months will probably be very hectic for us, too. Jon & I put together a 6-week cleaning and maintenance plan for the house so we will hopefully have it in selling condition BEFORE the baby comes. We'll have to be going full speed from here through the end of the year. I'll keep trying to post regular updates, though!

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