Thursday, June 29, 2006

Baby Update - 37 weeks

Another good check-up this week. Morgan got to hear "baby brother hammering" again. I hope he's trying to hammer his way OUT because it is getting very very hot here. This morning I thought it might be nice to head down to storytime early and take a quick walk around the lovely tree-lined neighborhood behind the library. It was not nice. We made it about 3 blocks before turning back. It was 9:30am and quickly approaching 90 degrees. YUCK!

More name clues:

4. Despite my long-time opposition to nicknames, the first name we have chosen has a commonly used nickname
5. The first and middle names have the same number of letters and have more letters than Morgan.
6. The first and middle names share 3 internal letters (same letter, same position), but the names neither rhyme nor have the same number of syllables.

Don't forget last week's clues!

Happy guessing!


Mom McIntyre said...

I think I know but I don't want to ruin it for anyone else so I will wait. (plus you know how competitive I am ...not).
If I am is a perfect name!

Katie said...

Yeah, right! You're not competitive at all, Mom! :-)

We think you don't want to make a guess because you are afraid to be wrong again! ;-P