Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Baby Update - 36 Weeks

Had a good OB appointment today. I finally gained the recommended 1 lb a week! (I'd been pretty close to doubling that for the last several months.) I think I eat less because the baby is squishing my stomach and I get very full very fast. The baby has a good heart rate and my belly is a good size. My blood pressure was totally normal and everything else looked good too. I get to go back to the doctor every week now! Yay! That means its almost time!

Guess the Name

Well, we think we've settled on a name for the baby. But no, we're not telling anyone yet. We will, however, let you guess. I will post several clues over the next few weeks. Make your guesses in the comments section and if you guess correctly (and you can only guess once per post) you'll get a fabulous prize!
Here are your first clues:

1. Neither the first nor the middle name were on our orginal "names under consideration" list.
2. The first name is pretty traditional - it has biblical roots.
3. The first name is also pretty popular having been in the top 150 boys names since the 1970s.

Good luck!


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I'm guessing MATTHEW. I eliminated Jehosaphat pretty quickly. Goes okay with Moog but has too many letters