Monday, June 05, 2006

Baby Update - 34 Weeks

Six weeks to go! Hard to believe. Time to really start preparing for this kid!

We bought his bed this weekend. I'm looking forward to setting it up and reassuring Morgan that baby brother will, in fact, "no take [her] bed!". This this one in blue. Our only other big purchase we need to make is a stroller, but we could really wait until after the baby is born for that. I've been updating our shopping list with all of the other little things we may need/want so I don't forget!

I had my 32 week checkup a while back. Morgan and Jon got to go with me to this one. Morgan was very excited and collected all of the samples and coupon packs in the waiting room saying "these presents for baby brother". Then she was thrilled to hear the heartbeat. "I heard baby brother hammering!" she told me the next day. Baby is still growing well and sounding good. His head is down and locked into place so he shouldn't be turning back around anytime! The nurse predicted he'll be about the same size as Morgan when she was born -- 7 to 7.5 lbs. My next checkup is on the 21st.

Well, time to start some cleaning now. Its raining today which is kind of a bummer, but we should be able to get some things done around the house!

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mamaloo said...

Saw your comment on Blogging Baby and your reference to "naval hospital" and your desire to have as natural a birth as possible. Have you heard of Operation Special Delivery? It hooks up doulas with wives of military personnel so that they can have a birth assistant with them for labour. Google them and look into doulas in your area. You may be able to find a volunteer birth assitant, a low rated one, or you may find the services are well worth the expense.

Good Luck!