Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Baby Update - Week 27

Random Notes

My BabyZone calendar tried to give me a heart attack last night by telling me that I had 60 days until my due date. That is not true. We have 90 days to go. I counted. I can breathe again.


I have baby-brain. I have been so absent-minded lately. This weekend I threw away my cell phone. I thought it would be a good idea to empty all of the cracker and cheerio crumbs out of my diaper bag by turning it upside-down over the trashcan and shaking. But I forgot to empty the side pockets first. I figured out what happened eventually and got the phone back, but still felt like an idiot.


Morgan seems slightly less inclined to "hit baby" these days. (Although she did mention that she wanted to "eat baby" last week.) She like to point out all of the things that are "for baby brother", like our infant car seat, the diaper changing platforms in public restrooms, and baby toys. Its very cute.


No, we have not picked a name yet. But every time we watch a movie now, we keep watching all the way through the end credits hoping to be inspired. Maybe our baby will be named after the 3rd assistant grip on King Kong.


OB appointment next week. It seems like its been forever.

That is all for now!

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Anonymous said...

My mommy is the best ever. Thank You.