Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Final Speech Evaluation

I finally took Morgan in for her follow-up speech evaluation that we were supposed to do sometime in November. Better late than never!

Morgan was very shy and didn't want to talk to the therapist at first but warmed up once she brought out the toys. Based just on observation, Morgan's expressive language skills (speech) were at about 23 months - a little behind but still within an average range. BUT when combined with my reports of what Morgan does at home, her expresive language falls to about 33 months - 7 months ahead!!! Its probably actually somewhere in the middle which would put her right on target. Morgan's receptive language (how much she understands) once again tested about 4-6 months above her age (30-32 month).

Here are some of the comments from the report:
A little shy but very good eye contact/joint attention. Receptive language falls in the above average to superior range. Expressive language is well within the average range. Speech is very clear. Great progress!

So, she's all caught up and we don't need to go back! This is great news! Morgan should be happy too because the fewer doctor visits the better. Before we left today the therapist told me "I hope you're saving for college. That's one smart little girl."

Indeed she is.

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