Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Celebrity Lookalike!

Via Pop Culture Junk Mail I found this cool site where you can upload a picture and it uses some goofy face recognition system to tell you what celebrities you look the most like. (Free registration required.) Its very fun and a little addictive. The results vary based on the specific photo that you use.

In this picture, it says I look like Kate Beckinsale, Felicity Huffman, or Brittany Murphy. I'll take that. (Except that I totally don't look like any of them.)
Morgan on the other hand looks like either Yael Bar Zohar a 26 year old "Israeli actress, model & sex symbol" or Abdullah Gul, the 55-year-old deputy prime minister of Turkey. Hmmmm.

Yet here, Morgan apparently looks like Rachel Leigh Cook, Kylie Minogue and Molly Ringwald. At least thats a little more like it!

And this one is my favorite. It says I look like Chaing Kai-shek or Nicole Kidman. (Sadly, I think I probably look more like the former than the latter, but how can someone look like both of them at once?) And Morgan? Either Haley Joel Osment (ok, I can maybe see that) or Condoleeza Rice. Ummmmm, not so much.

Who do you look like?

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