Thursday, March 09, 2006

Baby Update - 21 weeks

When I was pregnant with Morgan, exercising was easy. Jon was deployed most of the time and I only worked part time, so I got a membership to the YMCA and spent a couple of hours there almost every day walking, riding the bikes and lifting weights.

This time, finding opportunities to exercise are not as easy. I don't have a gym membership anymore and up until this week its been mostly too cold to walk outside regularly. And now that Morgan sometimes wants to actually walk when we take walks I don't really get much out of them!

So I got a couple of cheap prenatal exercise videos. I love the one called FitMama! It has a 20 minute salsa dance, a 20 minute "yoga fat burn", and the stretching and relaxation segments. Totally fun and all of the moves are explained well enough that even I can follow along!

The best part is, Morgan loves to do the "exercise ladies" with me! Its a little hazardous because she doesn't stay out of my way. Her favorites are the "Mambo, cha-cha-cha!" and the stretching. I'll try to get Jon to make a video of her dancing along one of these days.

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