Friday, March 10, 2006

(almost) Gone with the Wind

It is very windy today. But its 75 degrees so Morgan & I tried to take a walk this morning. Bad move. All of the leaves and junk blowing in our faces made us cut the walk short. We were almost home when I looked down at Morgan in her stroller and realized...BLANKIE WAS NOT THERE ANYMORE!!!! Ack! Panic time. I ran the last couple of blocks home (there's my exercise for the, the week) and we got in the car to retrace our steps. I knew we had it at least halfway through our walk, but honestly with this wind it could have been anywhere. Or it could have gotten caught under a car. Or attacked by a squirrel. I had vision of us putting up "Lost Blankie" signs. Offering a reward.

Luckily we found it. Blown up against a fence, a little dirty, but still intact. Biiiiig sigh of relief. Close call.

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