Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Baby Update - Week 24

All of your questions answered....

Okay, maybe not ALL of them. But.....
It's a boy!!!!!
And HE appears to be healthy and perfect. He's about 1lb 9oz and measures just a couple of days ahead of our estimated due date.
We have lots of great u/s pictures, but need to get to Kinkos to scan them. Keep checking back - I'll try to get them up on the blog tonight or tomorrow morning.

Fun with Grandpa.

Morgan had a great time with Grandpa the past few days. I love it when my dad visits because I think "This is what it must be like to have a nanny." I slept in a little bit, sat on a bench at the park, and cooked dinner without "help". Heaven!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Baby Update - 23 Weeks

Not much happening this week. We've started thinking about all of the things we might need for the new baby. Actually, its really not all that much. The baby will sleep in our room so we need some kind of porta-crib/bassinet. And we'll need to get a new stroller - probably one that accomodates both a toddler and a baby. We still have a million and a half receiving blankets (which we won't need as much since it will be miserably hot in July), bibs and that sort of thing. And, depending on the gender, we can reuse either some or most of Morgan's old baby clothes. (The ones that have not been turned into dolly clothes, of course!)
Click on the New Baby List link on the sidebar to see some of the products we are thinking about!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Final Speech Evaluation

I finally took Morgan in for her follow-up speech evaluation that we were supposed to do sometime in November. Better late than never!

Morgan was very shy and didn't want to talk to the therapist at first but warmed up once she brought out the toys. Based just on observation, Morgan's expressive language skills (speech) were at about 23 months - a little behind but still within an average range. BUT when combined with my reports of what Morgan does at home, her expresive language falls to about 33 months - 7 months ahead!!! Its probably actually somewhere in the middle which would put her right on target. Morgan's receptive language (how much she understands) once again tested about 4-6 months above her age (30-32 month).

Here are some of the comments from the report:
A little shy but very good eye contact/joint attention. Receptive language falls in the above average to superior range. Expressive language is well within the average range. Speech is very clear. Great progress!

So, she's all caught up and we don't need to go back! This is great news! Morgan should be happy too because the fewer doctor visits the better. Before we left today the therapist told me "I hope you're saving for college. That's one smart little girl."

Indeed she is.

Monday, March 20, 2006

5 Things to Love About Having a Two-Year Old

5. Every trip outside is no longer an audition for Baby Fear Factor - Not that two-year-olds are known for their common sense, but at least I can take Morgan out in the yard and her primary goal is NOT to eat the grossest thing she can find. All of the slugs and beetles living in our garden are breathing a sigh of relief over this too.

4. Imagination - Who needs toys anymore when you have a blankie-cape that can turn you into a superhero? Or you can crawl around on all fours and meow like a cat? Or jump like a monkey? Or slither like a snake? Believe me, these games are WAY more fun than sorting shapes for the 500th time!

3. Mixed up pronouns - Just a year ago Morgan said her first word. Now she's talking is complete sentences - pargraphs even. Its so cute! Especially when she mixes up her words. She'll toss a blanket over her head and yell "I CAN'T SEE ME!" or ask "Please Daddy go with you to potty?"

2. Sense of humor - Morgan's favorite jokes are: (1) A-B-C-D-E-F.....Daddy! (2) Mommy a MAN! (3) Cat say MOO! Also, farts and burps are the funniest things in the world.

1. "I love you" - Spontaneously, even. You just can't top that.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Comments fixed

You should be able to comment now without being signed into Blogger. Let me know if it works.

Baby Update - 22 weeks

Had an OB appointment today. Everything was good. Blood pressure normal, and I gained a whopping 7 pounds in the last 6 weeks! Yikes! Actually, judging by the rapid increase in the size of my belly, I think most of it was in the last 2 weeks. I feel huuuuuuge. But it is expected to gain a pound per week at this stage so the nurse said I was doing well. My AFP test results came back normal. The baby's heartrate was in the 140s this time (it was around 132 last time). Morgan's was always in the 140s. I don't have to go back for another 6 weeks. I think thats when they'll do the glucose screening - yuck. Its hard to believe that I will be 28 weeks by then! Our ultrasound is still scheduled for 3/29 which seems like an impossibly long way away!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

(almost) Gone with the Wind

It is very windy today. But its 75 degrees so Morgan & I tried to take a walk this morning. Bad move. All of the leaves and junk blowing in our faces made us cut the walk short. We were almost home when I looked down at Morgan in her stroller and realized...BLANKIE WAS NOT THERE ANYMORE!!!! Ack! Panic time. I ran the last couple of blocks home (there's my exercise for the, the week) and we got in the car to retrace our steps. I knew we had it at least halfway through our walk, but honestly with this wind it could have been anywhere. Or it could have gotten caught under a car. Or attacked by a squirrel. I had vision of us putting up "Lost Blankie" signs. Offering a reward.

Luckily we found it. Blown up against a fence, a little dirty, but still intact. Biiiiig sigh of relief. Close call.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Baby Update - 21 weeks

When I was pregnant with Morgan, exercising was easy. Jon was deployed most of the time and I only worked part time, so I got a membership to the YMCA and spent a couple of hours there almost every day walking, riding the bikes and lifting weights.

This time, finding opportunities to exercise are not as easy. I don't have a gym membership anymore and up until this week its been mostly too cold to walk outside regularly. And now that Morgan sometimes wants to actually walk when we take walks I don't really get much out of them!

So I got a couple of cheap prenatal exercise videos. I love the one called FitMama! It has a 20 minute salsa dance, a 20 minute "yoga fat burn", and the stretching and relaxation segments. Totally fun and all of the moves are explained well enough that even I can follow along!

The best part is, Morgan loves to do the "exercise ladies" with me! Its a little hazardous because she doesn't stay out of my way. Her favorites are the "Mambo, cha-cha-cha!" and the stretching. I'll try to get Jon to make a video of her dancing along one of these days.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Celebrity Lookalike!

Via Pop Culture Junk Mail I found this cool site where you can upload a picture and it uses some goofy face recognition system to tell you what celebrities you look the most like. (Free registration required.) Its very fun and a little addictive. The results vary based on the specific photo that you use.

In this picture, it says I look like Kate Beckinsale, Felicity Huffman, or Brittany Murphy. I'll take that. (Except that I totally don't look like any of them.)
Morgan on the other hand looks like either Yael Bar Zohar a 26 year old "Israeli actress, model & sex symbol" or Abdullah Gul, the 55-year-old deputy prime minister of Turkey. Hmmmm.

Yet here, Morgan apparently looks like Rachel Leigh Cook, Kylie Minogue and Molly Ringwald. At least thats a little more like it!

And this one is my favorite. It says I look like Chaing Kai-shek or Nicole Kidman. (Sadly, I think I probably look more like the former than the latter, but how can someone look like both of them at once?) And Morgan? Either Haley Joel Osment (ok, I can maybe see that) or Condoleeza Rice. Ummmmm, not so much.

Who do you look like?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Fashion Icon

Morgan likes to pick out her own clothes and dress herself now. Sometimes it turns out pretty good.
Sometimes we get this:

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Baby Update - 20 weeks

Now that Morgan is a big girl, we thought we ought to have another baby around here. I'll try to do a weekly post on Morgan's little brother or sister.

Since this is the first baby update, I'll start with our frequently asked questions.

When is the baby due?

July 17, 2006. 20 more weeks! We're halfway there!

Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?


Will you find out?

We hope to.

When will you find out?

Our ultrasound appointment is on Wednesday, March 29. In addition to discovering the gender, at this appointment they will make lots of measurements, screen for certain defects and complications, and determine if our estimated due date seems accurate.

Isn't that kind of a long time away?

Yes. Yes, it is.

What do you think it is - boy or girl?


Which do you hope it is - boy or girl?


What will you name it?

It is waaaay too early to know that yet. We didn't decide on Morgan's name until just a couple of weeks before she was born!

Will you tell us when you decide on a name?

Fat chance. We might let you guess, though.

Would you like some suggestions?


How does Morgan feel about the baby?

Let's ask her.

Are you big and fat yet?

I am at that frustrating inbetween stage where my regular pants don't button and maternity pants fall off. Thank you Old Navy for making these which have an adjustable ring-tab over the side panels AND a drawstring inside the waistband. I do look forward to being able to wear cute summer maternity clothes. Like skirts, capris, and polo shirts.